Our Story

An economic crisis came in, people who were well educated had been laying offs, and sadly people believed that they could not be their own bosses. This was where Camtu Suhonen’s idea came to mind – she began to think of building a school which would help in resolving the gap between owning the business and the highly skilled individuals. And thus, The Northern Pearl Ltd was born.

Now, The Northern Pearl Ltd is serving the industries of CAD, IT, Publishing, Health, and Laboratory. The school is now helping technical students and individuals who would like to make use of their technical background as a foundation for establishing their own business.

The Northern Pearl Ltd would like to make a significant change in the educational system. As a school for entrepreneurship mind, we will help every professional student to develop their skills which can be their stepping stone in beginning a business. As a result, they have more confidence and know their dream will work out, and those acquainted new skills will help them become good entrepreneurs.


The Northern Pearl Ltd always live on “Think Positive, Think Different” thus, we will do our best to always be on the positive and make a big change in the educational system.

Camtu Suhonen, Founder

Who We Are

The Northern Pearl Ltd is your one-stop solution when it comes to becoming an entrepreneurial-minded individual. We are the company that you can always rely on whenever you feel that entrepreneurship is the one for you but finds it hard to let go of your current situation.

Here at The Northern Pearl Ltd, we will help you become a person with entrepreneurship on the mind. We are the school that you can run to whenever want to your technical skills be thoroughly trained and is looking for courses that will help you become a successful businessman someday.

The Northern Pearl Ltd is a school for entrepreneurship mind that has been assisting technical students and individuals who would like to have a change in their mindsets to perform business. We will be your support in every step that you take, and we will provide you knowledge and skills that will help you run your business efficiently and fruitfully.

What We Do

We offer technical education services for potential entrepreneurs. If you have an educational or professional background in technology and wish to run your own business, you are warmly welcome! We develop entrepreneurial skills, coach start-ups and advise companies on how to maintain their businesses. With varied backgrounds, we supply knowledge to industries and instruct up-coming entrepreneurs to run their businesses based on their own technological experience.

⚓Technical Courses – We teach mainly modern hi-tech fields that are easily applicable to jobs such as IT.

⚓Entrepreneurial Path –  These programs are designed to help technical people to transfer their skills and mindset into business.

⚓Business Coaches – We have professional personnel in charge of walking you through the essential steps towards your successful business.

Meet Our Team

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Paloma Roldan, MSc.

International Relation Specialist

Mihaela Rusitoru, PhD.

Education Adviser

Hang Thuy


Jens Lei

Technical Manager

Van Tran, BSc.

PR manager

Ron Parsons

Study Director

Harry Lehmann

Office Manager

Tuomo Dahlman, MSc.

Share Holder Adviser

Vu Minh Hieu, PhD.

Management adviser

Xuan Le, MSc.

Publishing Manager