Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The Northern Pearl”?

This is an online school for potential entrepreneurs who have technical backgrounds or who want to learn modern techniques.

Who can join our member community?


Does it cost anything?

No, it is not at all. Except for some fee courses, souvenirs, and books. But likely you can get free offers on our birthday, new year and women days every year.

Who can be an instructor?

Everybody who has expertise in their chosen fields. We don’t require pedagogic degrees, but we can help you with course structures and expression.

How I make a payment? 

We prefer Paypal gateway. It is safe and convenient, however, if you know Paypal but you don’t like it, so then we offer you a bank transfer.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, of course! If you don’t like our services, you can request the refund at


Didn't find the answer?

We are happy to help out with any questions! Just drop us a message at follow form